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North Fort Myer Drive 1901, 22209, Virginia, United States

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Cybersecurity Players
General info
Risk is complex. Whether you are a government department or agency, multi-brand corporation, global enterprise or local business, cyber threats are not the only risks your organization will face, with other operational, economic, social, environmental and geopolitical risk factors to consider.

There are a multitude of technologies available to alert any number of personnel to individual indicators of risk. But these technologies do not connect all factors that may neutralize or heighten the risk, nor put them into a business context, especially where multiple lines of business are impacted.

More importantly, no technology has been specifically oriented toward the C-Suite.

This pointed to the need for a platform that connected these indicators of risk, analysed, processed and put them into context, so that different business functions could co-operate to minimize both risk and the impact of risk, and so that business leaders could make decisions relating to risk.

Having been leading business architects and practitioners, for some of the worldโ€™s foremost purveyors of information technology and security solutions, it was this realization that caused the founders, in the Spring of 2015, to turn their attention to answering this challenge.

Introducing the company to redefine how you see risk.

Designed for C-Level consumption, MeasuredRisk has developed a platform that harvests data from any number of disparate sources, connects this data, sets it against your specific business criteria, distills it to deliver information only relevant to the organization and informs not only the functional stakeholders, but the appropriate executives.

MeasuredRisk has attracted individuals with expertise in cyber, IT operations & security, business continuity, geopolitics, physical & executive risk, complex platform development and critically, big data analytics. The time is right for business leaders to see risk as we see risk, and [this is the team] to look to.




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